Security for Humans

Simple plugin for WordPress that increases the level of hardening, security and guards your blog or site 24/7, without needing you to be an expert in the area, developers or a system administrator.

Simple and easy

Toggleable security.
Few clicks will protect your site from tons of attacks.

24/7 protection

Always on protection from viruses and bad hackers.

Security Best Practices

Enable WordPress Security Best Practices without any need of programming skills


Simple, powerful and last but not least: Free.

Password Protection + 1

Additional password protection for your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Ban bots and users

Optionally, you can ban bots and users from accessing your site

Save bandwidth

Bonus feature: save bandwidth by preventing hotlinking of images.

Developed by experts

Developed by experts with 10 years of experience in web and security. We know all of the complex terms, like "htaccess", "mod_rewrite", etc, so that you don't need to!

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We are a team of web developers and white hat security experts with more then 10 years of experience, who had invested tons of time fixing hacked WordPress sites.

This is why we decided to start developing automated plugins for monitoring, preventing and healing hacked, virus infected, defaced and vulnerable WordPress sites.